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TLL appoints Mr Benny Lim as Chairman

TLL hosts visit by King of Bhutan

TLL partners with NEA on Mosquitoes-Research-Program

TLL provides BSL3 Labs as National Resources for Infectious Disease Research

TLL awarded a research grant of S$20 million for DiSTAP 2

TLL signs agreement with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital on Clinical Research

TLL receives state-of-the-art greenhouse from Bayer

TLL receives two mobile labs from T-Pride


TLL partner with NEA on Mosquitoes-Research-Program

TLL provided the BSL3 Labs as National Resources for Infectious Disease Research

TLL awarded a research grant of $20 Million for DiSTAP 2

TLL signed agreement with KKH on Clinical Research

TLL received state-of-the-art greenhouse from Bayer

TLL received two mobile labs from T-Pride

TLL appoints Mr Benny Lim as Chairman

TLL hosted King of Bhutan


TLL is established

TLL makes breakthrough discovery in the auxin signalling of plants

TLL unravels an important control mechanism during mitosis

Prof Chua Nam Hai receives the Singapore Public Administration Medal (Gold)

Nature: SINAT5 promotes ubiquitin related degradation of NAC1 to attenuate auxin signals

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Nature Cell Biology: Astral microtubules monitor metaphase spindle alignment in fission yeast

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TLL and others form the Singapore Dengue Consortium

TLL collaborates on applied upstream farming technology with AVA

TLL and Tan Tock Seng Hospital announce Rapid Diagnostic Tool in the fight against SARS

TLL appoints Executive Director

TLL files a patent for Nucleic Acids from Rice Conferring Resistance to Bacterial Blight Disease Casued by Xanthomonas spp (PCT/SG2003/000191)

Current Opinion in Cell Biology: Cytokinesis: relative alignment of the cell division apparatus and the mitotic spindle

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Trends in Genetics: Cytokinesis in fission yeast: a story of rings, rafts and walls

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TLL licenses first proprietary technology to Deltapine (NYSE listed entity)

Genomar and TLL announce R&D Collaboration on Nile Tilapia and Atlantic Salmon

TLL sets up BSL3 and ABSL3 labs

TLL and the Institute of Genetics Developmental Biology of Chinese Academy of Science forms joint laboratory on rice functional genomics

TLL hosts visit by the Crown Princess of Thailand

Genes and Development: Roles of Bifocal, Homer, and F-actin in anchoring Oskar to the posterior cortex of Drosophila oocytes

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Developmental Cell: The S. pombe Cdc14-like Phosphatase Clp1p Regulates Chromosome Biorientation and Interacts with Aurora Kinase

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TLL discovers the molecular interaction between a resistance gene in rice and pathogenic bacteria, and its effect on disease resistance in rice

TLL sets up the Asia Pacific Biosafety Association

TLL conducts regional biosafety training with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

TLL identifies an important mechanism that may control Body Patterning

Nature: R gene expression induced by a type-III effector triggers disease resistance in rice

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Science: The Transcriptional Landscape of the Mammalian Genome

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TLL spins off BioForest

TLL hosts first symposium with International Delegates 

Yu Hao receives Singapore National Young Scientist Award 

Cell: Have you HRD? Understanding ERAD Is DOAble!
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Genes & Development: Aurora-A acts as a tumor suppressor and regulates self-renewal of Drosophila neuroblasts
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TLL files a patent for Biomolecule Surface Display and Uses Thereof (PCT/SG2006/000117)


TLL and the Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Science forms joint laboratory on bioenergy crops

TLL becomes a beneficiary of Temasek Trust

Dr Yu Feng Wei receives Singapore National Young Scientist Award

Yu Hao receives Singapore Youth Award for Science and Technology & NUS Young Research Award

TLL makes breakthrough findings through research on Drosophila

Nature: Two distinct modes of guidance signaling during collective migration of border cells

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Nature: Polo inhibits progenitor self-renewal and regulates Numb asymmetry by phosphorylating Pon

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Prof Mohan Balasubramanian receives National Science Medal

Wang Hongyan receives Singapore National Young Scientist Medal & National Research Foundation Fellow 

TLL spins off JOil

TLL embarks on rice research in Banda Aceh with Temasek Foundation

TLL files a patent for Monoclonal antibodies specific to hemagglutinin and Neuraminidase from Influenza virus H5-subtype or N1-subtype and Uses thereof (PCT/SG2008/000347)

Nature Cell Biology: Lectins sweet-talk proteins into ERAD

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Nature: Mei-P26 regulates microRNAs and cell growth in the Drosophila ovarian stem cell lineage

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TLL hosts President of Singapore at JOil plantation in Lim Chu Kang

TLL hosts Temasek Holdings at JOil plantation in Lim Chu Kang

JOil receives investment from Toyota Tsusho Corporation

TLL and international experts hold Neurosciences Symposium

Prof William Chia receives NUS Outstanding Partner in Research Award

Regeneration and Mass Propagation of Jatropha curcas Through Somatic Embryogenesis (PCT/SG2009/000015)

Genes and Development: Protein Phosphatase 4 mediates localization of the Miranda complex during Drosophila neuroblast asymmetric divisions

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Nature Neuroscience: A genetic pathway composed of Sox14 and Mical governs severing of dendrites during pruning

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TLL signs MOU with Japan’s National Institute for Basic Biology

TLL spins off EPIC BIO

TLL and Temasek Foundation collaborate on research training and manpower development in Laos

TLL works on avian influenza research and Asian seabass breeding programme with AVA

TLL obtains novel findings through research on Drosophila female germline stem cells

Dr Joanne Yew and Dr Katsutomo Okamura receive Singapore National Research Foundation Fellowship

Developmental Cell: Interplay between the Transcription Factor Zif and aPKC Regulates Neuroblast Polarity and Self-Renewal

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Developmental Cell: DELLAs Modulate Jasmonate Signaling via Competitive Binding to JAZs

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TLL appoints Prof Chan Soh Ha as Executive Director

TLL and various Singaporean entities give out “Made-in Singapore” trees to schools and Nparks

TLL and AVA receives Grant Award from National Research Foundation on Applied Aquaculture Genomics R&D

TLL receives additional grants from National Research Foundation on Rice Research for Regional Food Security

Epigenetic factors in fruit flies provide insights into human psychiatric disorder

TLL makes landmark discovery of epigenetics in remodelling of the nervous system

Molecular Cell: A Complex of Pdi1p and the Mannosidase Htm1p Initiates Clearance of Unfolded Glycoproteins from the Endoplasmic Reticulum

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Neuron: Intrinsic Epigenetic Factors Cooperate with the Steroid Hormone Ecdysone to Govern Dendrite Pruning in Drosophila

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TLL appoints Mr Teo Ming Kian as Chairman

TLL celebrates 10th Anniversary

BioForest is acquired by Samko Timber

TLL develops plant and microbial systems for flavours and fragrances with National Research Foundation

TLL sponsors Outstanding Poster Abstract Entries at the ‘Next Generation Technologies for Bioenergy and Biomass Utilization’ International Conference

TLL scientist receives prestigious Beadle and Tatum Award

TLL and Temasek Foundation collaborate on research training and manpower development in Myanmar

Cell: Reprogramming of DNA Methylation in Pollen Guides Epigenetic Inheritance via Small RNA

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Molecular Cell: The Membrane Stress Response Buffers Lethal Effects of Lipid Disequilibrium by Reprogramming the Protein Homeostasis Network

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TLL hosts visit by Singapore’s Minister for National Development

Dr Yu Hao receives the Singapore President’s Science and Technology Award

TLL and Temasek Foundation customises rice cultivation programmes with the Indonesian Agency for Agricultural R&D

TLL scientists identify an important mechanism that terminates protein folding failures

TLL young scientists Dr Zhang Dan and Dr Dr Guillaume Thibault received Chinese Government Award and Elite Nanyang Assistant Professorship Award for academic excellence

TLL develops laboratory bio-risk management with the Cambodian Ministry of Health

Nitrogen-fixing Bacterial Inoculant for Improvement of Crop Productivity and Reduction of Nitrous Oxide Emission (PCT/SG2013/000112)

Nature Cell Biology: In vitro contraction of cytokinetic ring depends on myosin II but not on actin dynamics

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Science: Futile Protein Folding Cycles in the ER Are Terminated by the Unfolded Protein O-Mannosylation Pathway

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TLL spins off Allegro Aqua

TLL commences research on Disruptive, Sustainable Technologies for Agricultural Precision (DiSTAP)

Nature Chemical Biology: Establishment of the PAR-1 cortical gradient by the aPKC-PRBH circuit

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Nature Communications: Chromatin-mediated feed-forward auxin biosynthesis in floral meristem determinacy

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TLL files a patent for Hyperstabilized Liposomes Increase Targeting of Mitotic Cells (PCT/SG2018/050026)


TLL spins off Zero 2.5 (video)

TLL invents food safe dye that treats HFMD Enterovirus 71 in small children

TLL delivers keynote speech at the Asia Pacific Agri Food Conference

Temasek Rice ready to take on global market after grant of plant varieties protection (video)

TLL files patents for Apparatus and Device for Generating Negative Air Ions from Plants (PCT/SG2019/050130) and Application of A Food Azo Dye, Brilliant Black Bn, on Inhibition of Infectivity of Human Enteroviruses Causing Hand Foot And Mouth Diseases (PCT/SG2019/050130)

Nature Nanotechnology: Chloroplast-selective gene delivery and expression in planta using chitosan-complexed single-walled carbon nanotube carriers

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Nucleic Acids Research: Hidden sequence specificity in loading of single-stranded RNAs onto Drosophila Argonautes

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Covid-19 Pandemic:  TLL joins Temasek Foundation in testing water and hand sanitiser quality, as well as public distribution  for BYOB Hand Sanitiser Project

TLL commences research on High Performance Precision Agriculture (HiPPA) systems

TLL commences research on Lighting Recipes for Sustainable and High Quality Vegetable Production

Louis Dreyfus Company Partners Barramundi Asia and TLL on Aqua Feed Research (video)

Advanced Science: Mesostigma viride Genome and Transcriptome Provide Insights into the Origin and Evolution of Streptophyta

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Molecular Cell: Arginine-Enriched Mixed-Charge Domains Provide Cohesion for Nuclear Speckle Condensation

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Covid 19 Pandemic: TLL joins Temasek Foundation in testing non alcoholic hand sanitisers for BYOB Hand Sanitiser Project (video)

TLL spins off Aqualita Ecotechnology (video)

Pathnova renders helping hands in testing Covid-19 samples during Pandemic

JOil is awarded the Gold Standard Sustainability Certification for Jatropha Plantations in Ghana

Science: Florigen sequestration in cellular membranes modulates temperature-responsive flowering

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Molecular Biology and Evolution: Genomic Basis of Striking Fin Shapes and Colors in the Fighting Fish

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TLL, Singapore NParks and Temasek Foundation embarks on One Million Trees movement

TLL hosts Singapore Ministers for Sustainability and the Environment, Social and Family Development, and Health

TLL receives GMP certification

SFA, NUS, TLL and Industry Partners sign MoU for the AquaPolis programme (video)

Nature Microbiology: Standardized multi-omics of Earth’s microbiomes reveals microbial and metabolite diversity

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A VASt-domain protein regulates autophagy, membrane tension, and sterol homeostasis in rice blast fungus (Autophagy)

Pathnova starts clinical trial on Singaporeans for cancer research

Molecular Plant: G protein controls stress readiness by modulating transcriptional and metabolic homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana and Marchantia polymorpha.

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TLL appoints Peter Chia as CEO

TLL kicks off smart agriscience projects at National Research Foundation

TLL spins off Pathnova

TLL Scientists Discover New Fundamental Class of Proteins Named “Guardian”

TLL discovers Mechanical Control of Embryonic Polarization

Dr Yin Zhong Chao Wins Outstanding Rice Scientist (Singapore) Award

Zebrafish Study Sheds Light on Potential Effect of Global Warming on Fish Populations

Nature: Topological defects in epithelia govern cell death and extrusion

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Nature: Embryonic epigenetic reprogramming by a pioneer transcription factor in plants

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TLL hosts Singapore’s Minister of Finance

TLL and Temasek Foundation build capacities in laboratory bio risk management in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam

TLL hosts Scientific Advisory Panel Discussion

TLL hosts Guangzhou Delegation

TLL hosts young visitors from Harvest Care Centre

TLL appoints Prof Yu Hao as Executive Director

TLL discovers a new mechanism for sex control in zebrafish, germ cells reduction yields more males

TLL appoints National Research Foundation Fellow to study diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases

TLL discovers DNA compaction and its association with diseases

TLL discovers “bio-timer” that controls growth rate in flowering plants

Nature Materials: Epithelial bridges maintain tissue integrity during collective cell migration

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Cell: The Histone Variant H2A.W Defines Heterochromatin and Promotes Chromatin Condensation in Arabidopsis

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TLL hosts Singapore Senior Minister of State for Health, Environment and Water Resources

TLL hosts Delegation from Myanmar

Scientists Discover a Novel Fungal Biocatalyst and Regulator that Shut Down Plant Immunity

TLL is granted an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status under the Singapore Charities Act

TLL collaborates with Anhui Rice Research Institute on rice research and manpower training

TLL launches Biosafety Passport for the Biomedical and Life Sciences Industry

TLL delivers
Wilmar Distinguished Lecture in Agri-Food

Image Recognition System and Method (PCT/SG2015/050317)

Molecular Cell: Adaptive Regulation of Testis Gene Expression and Control of Male Fertility by the Drosophila Harpin RNA Pathway

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Molecular Cell: Widespread Rearrangement of 3D Chromatin Organization Underlies Polycomb-Mediated Stress-Induced Silencing

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TLL hosts Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Temasek Holdings’ CEO Ho Ching

TLL hosts Singapore Ministers of Trade and Industry, National Development and Finance

TLL hosts Chairman of Temasek Holdings

TLL makes its First Deposit with Norwegian’s Svalbard Global Seed Vault

TLL participates in Singapore’s state visit to Norway

Prof Chua Nam Hai joins TLL as National Research Foundation’s Returning Singaporean Scientist

TLL hosts Delegation from Laos

TLL spins off TLA

TLL launches Training in Biosafety and Infectious Substances Shipping for Public Health Laboratories in Asia Pacific

Singapore’s Temasek Rice Developed by TLL Scientists for Regional Food Security (video)

Plant Biology Sheds Light on the Development of Important Plant Organs

Singapore led Consortium Deciphers the Genome of Asian Seabass: First Major Tropical Food Fish with its ‘Genetic Blueprint’ Assembled and Read

Methods For Fermentative Production Of Massoia Lactone (PCT/SG2016/050395)

Genes & Development: JMJ24 targets CHROMOMETHYLASE3 for proteasomal degradation in Arabidopsis

(read more)

Nature Communications: Pin1At regulates PIN1 polar localization and root

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